International symposium of Mediterranean temporary ponds: book of abstracts

Pisanu, Stefania; Bagella, Simonetta (2015) International symposium of Mediterranean temporary ponds: book of abstracts, 15-16-17 aprile 2015, Sassari, Italia. Bolotana, P.Ass.I.Flora Ambiente. 79 p. ISBN 978-88-940864-0-9. Atti di congresso.


The "Paulis" Project

PAULIS” is the vernacular name of temporary ponds in Sardinia (Italy).

The aim of the project “PAULIS" is to investigate on the biodiversity of Mediterranean Temporary Ponds in Sardinia in order to provide a framework of information for their management at local and regional scales.

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The project is supported by the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - Legge Regionale 7 agosto 2007, n. 7: “promozione della Ricerca Scientifica e dell’innovazione tecnologica in Sardegna” 

In the context of the project an interactive guide to the flora of Mediterranean Temporary ponds was created in collaboration with the University of Trieste.

Staff involved in the project

  • University of Sassari:

Simonetta Bagella – Coordinatore

Giovanna Becca, Maria Carmela Caria, Jordi Compte Ciurana, Stefania Pisanu, Elena Pittao

  • University of Cagliari:

Annalena Cogoni – responsabile unità operativa

Giorgia Filippino, Giuliano Vaquer

  • University of Girona:

Dani Boix, Stéphanie Gascón

International Symposiom on Mediterranean Temporary Ponds - Sassari April 15-16-17, 2015

The International Symposium on Mediterranean Temporary Ponds would like to offer an opportunity to researchers with different cultural background, students, ractitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders for exchanging of experiences and information on the ecology, the biodiversity and the management of this type of habitat with the aim to promote an effective practical conservation and to improve the public awareness.

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Nature Photo Contest "The Mediterranean Temporary Ponds"

PAULIS Project launches the first Photo Contest on Mediterranean Temporary Ponds.

The competition, organized in collaboration with Sardegna Natura, P.Ass.I.Flora Ambiente and Società Botanica Italiana - Sardinian Section, will have as its main topics the flora, the fauna and the landscapes of Mediterranean temporary ponds.

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